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When Enrique first told me he got tickets to Once, I was like “Uh oh, will I get it without having seen the movie?” 

Everyone I knew (and their mother) had seen the movie. Was I a social outcast for not having seen it yet?

Suffice to say, I didn’t need to see the movie to appreciate the beauty of Once. If I wasn’t crying, Enrique was crying. And if Enrique wasn’t crying, the lady beside me was crying. Everyone in the audience was sniffling at one point or another. It was moving and beautiful and if you find yourself in New York any time soon, PLEASE GO SEE THIS SHOW.

Since we went to see the matinee, we were hungry horses afterwards. Enrique suggested a sushi place near the theatre where “Broadway actors usually go after the show.” I was skeptical at first, after all, it was Enrique! And to be honest, I was just happy there was gonna be food.

But as the Broadway gods would have it, lo and behold the guy seated beside us!!

Enrique told him “If there’s one show I would see this season, it would be Once.” We were seriously wishing Steve wouldn’t ask us how many shows we’d seen at that point (it was only at 2 then), and true enough he genuinely thanked us for taking our time to say hi. Enrique and I were on a high for the rest of the day.

So when Steve won the Tony for Best Leading Actor in a Musical last Sunday, I couldn’t help but smile! And then he gave the speech that would melt a million hearts, and I cried again. God this guy keeps making me cry!! Congratulations again, Steve. You truly, absolutely deserved it!

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