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Getting Messy: Carrera, Survivor, & Dayglow

The first time I heard about Dayglow was through this article. If you read through it, you’ll realize that the author did not enjoy himself at all.  He couldn’t have been more blatant about that. But if his intention was to turn people off by the idea of moshing into a paint-splattered crowd, well he obviously didn’t achieve that. At least not with me.

But then again, my idea of fun is very different.

As a child, my cousins and I weren’t allowed to play outside, get dirty, or roll around. On the contrary, our idea of fun was taking showers in the palanggana that was used to wash our clothes. 

The food fight scene in the movie Hook was my dream.

So I guess it was only natural for me to go in the other direction when I grew up (AKA get super messy).

In 2005, I joined my first Carrera Loyola. It’s our school’s version of the Amazing Race. You run around school (and somewhere in Marikina) completing a set of challenges and in the process, you get really dirty.

That’s me in my WHITE swimsuit crawling under a net through the mud to complete a challenge.

Look at my ever supportive teammate Ivy laughing at me instead of cheering me on. 

In fact, we were so dirty that the guards wouldn’t let us take a shower in the locker rooms. So this is us improvising; taking a shower in the Soc Sci field. 

It may not look it, but I had the best time of my life. So much fun that I joined the next one.

This is the 2007 Carrera Loyola. I was muddier than the last one. 

I have to say, I’m pretty impressed by that swimsuit. It survived TWO MUDDY races.

It also survived Survivor Tagaytay, an annual game my friends and I would hold every time our friends in New York came home.

For this challenge, we were supposed to crush the eggs of the opposing team while guarding our own. Each person had two eggs.

It got pretty intense.

At one point Mike even lost his shoe! We got into a debate on whether we should give him a timeout to put it back on or go on with the challenge shoe-less.

Enrique tried his best to protect me.

But they took me down.

And we lost.

If any of you are wondering, egg stains are by far the smelliest and hardest to get out of your clothes. 

But still, fun nonetheless. 

Since then, I moved to Canada, cleaned up my act (HAHA), and have been nicer to my clothes. 

I was jealous of all my friends back home who had been to Sinulog, and even more so of my friends from here who had gone home and experienced it. 

And then I read that article, and thought that if I wouldn’t be able to experience Sinulog just yet, I can at least do this.

So I asked Justine and Andre if they wanted to go, and just like that, I booked my ticket to DC.

Finally, the day arrived.

Drinks sponsored by Jeff and Tim, shirts by UNIF. HAHAAAA.

THE WHOLE CREW, all clean and excited.

And then things got real.

Real messy. (I can’t stop these puns, I’m sorry!)

Justine looks like she’s going to cry, but I promise she’s having a good time.

I don’t know understand how and why Tim is cleaner than all of us!

I definitely swallowed more than two tablespoons of paint (is it too late to wonder if that was bad for me?) that night, but dancing to Alesso spinning Nillionaire in the wonderful weather (glorious 25C) of DC while people were spraying paint everywhere was glorious. And amazing.

Now, next up on the messy diaries: Sinulog 2013!!

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